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Nail Services



The Vintage (20 Mins) $20

Includes polish removal, nail trimming, and shaping. Finish with polish and top coat application.

The Iron Man (35 Mins) $40

This is designed for long day hands, who need additional care for their tired and sore hands and arms. Skin is exfoliated with coffee sugar scrub with an orange peel mask. A gentle massage with a therapeutic paraffin dip helps restore moisture before saying farewell.

The Chattanoogan (35 Mins) $40

A standard vintage manicure combined with an exfoliating cucumber mint scrub follow by an orange peel mask to brighten skin. The antioxidants and nutrients help pesky breakouts. Finish with a paraffin dip.

* Upgrade to gel polish for $15

Gel Manicure $35


The Ironman (70 Mins) $85

Whether you are athletically inclined or just always on your feet, this pedicure caters to you. We bathe your feet in our homemade herbal formulation to promote healthy, odorless feet. Iron out your calluses, trim and buff your nails, and relish in a sugar coffee scrub. Give yourself a reprieve from your constant hero work and reward your tired foot muscles with a hot stone massage. Finally, the legs are wrapped in orange peel masks, hot towels, and paraffin to rejuvenate. 

The Chattanoogan (70 Mins) $85

Sit back and unwind as we take you through one of Tennessee's best keep secrets". We start with an infused herbal soak of a lavender oil bath bomb with slices of orange to help rise away impurities as well as relieve sore muscles and joints. This is followed by cucumber and mint salt foot scrub. After a refreshing" sole" cleaning, wrap up with an orange feel mask and paraffin dip. A treatment that will make you want to keep as a secret. 

Milk and Honey Rejuvenation (60 Mins) $72

This nurturing pedicure treatment begins with a warm milk-infused bath. Your legs are rubbed down using our home blended honey super scrub, which helps to restore the skin from sun damage and environmental pollutants. Lower legs and feet enjoy the moisturizing, smoothing benefits of our milk and honey masque as you indulge in the comforting warmth of paraffin and hot towels. At last, our warm lotion and hot stone give your feet and legs a complexion boost, to match the beautiful natural glow. 

The Revitalization (55 Mins) $65

Jelly pedicure is the original pedicure in a box. It boasts a unique and amazing gelatinous texture that retains heat, soothes aching muscles, and alleviates joint pain. The jelly also acts as a gentle exfoliant while natural aromatic oils soften the skin and relax the mind and body.

Rebalancing (50 Mins) $57

An upgrade of the Aroma pedicure. Hot stone and longer massage take place to smooth your sore legs and tired feet. After wrapped up with cooling mask and hot towel, pamper yourself with hot stone and moisturizing lotion.

Aroma (40 Mins) $47

Your body releases the happy hormone endorphins when a pleasing aroma is detected. The amazing floral fragrances of this pedicure promote a joyful and relaxing sensation. Find joy in our amazing aromatic spa pedicure experience. 

Vintage (30 Mins) $35

Our modern twist of a classic pedicure. A pumice or foot file is used to smooth away calluses and rough areas. After honey sugar scrub formulation for exfoliation, your calves and feet will undergo a deep tissue massage with the application of a moisturizer. Finally, your nails are shaped and polished. 

* Upgrade to gel polish for $20 

Nail Enhancement

Nail Enhancement

Dip Powder on Natural Nail $45
Nail Tips $5
Color Powder Full Set $60
Color Powder Fill $50
Acrylic Full Set With Gel Polish $55
Acrylic Fill With Gel Polish $45
Gel Nail Full Set $55
Gel Nail Fill $45
Pink and White Full Set $60
Pink and White Fill $50
Shape Upgrade $5
A La Carte

A La Carte

Gel Polish Hand $15
Gel Polish Feet $20
Gel P/Change Hand $22
Gel P/Change Feet $27
Polish Change Hand $10
Polish Change Feet $12
Polish Upgrade $3
Gel Polish Removal $5
Artificial Nail Removal $15
Ombre $15
Chrome $15
Ombre w/Chrome $20
Dipping Powder Removal $10
Cat Eye $10
Design $3 + per nail
French $7
Hot Stone Massage 10 Mins $17
Cuticle Care $10
Nail Buff $5
Paraffin Treatment $8
Extra Massage 10 Mins $15
Kid Menu

Kid Menu

Polish Hand Hand $7
Polish Hand Feet $8
Gel Polish Upgrade $10
Pedicure Vintage $25


Eyebrows $12
Lips $9
Chin $10
Side Cheeks $14
Full Face $40
Ears $15
Underarms $20
Chest $35
Half Arms $30
Full Arms $40
Half Legs $45
Full Legs $65
Feet $12
Back $45
Bikini $35
Brazilian $60
Eyebrows Tinting $22
Eyebrows Wax + Tinting $32